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Our physical space is located in the heart of Barcelona and enjoys of natural light, which alongside with the amount of fine design pieces and forniture we hold makes an ideal spot for photoshoots and filming.
Contact us to get a quote and enjoy the experience of reinventing the space to suit your project!

What we offer:
Colored backgrounds
Furniture, objects, decoration, art, large office for catering.

Daily Rate for Shootings:
750€ + IVA.

Daily Rate for Filming:
990€ + IVA.



500€ + IVA

Cleaning charges: 60€ + IVA



Max. 2 weeks Rate:
35% + IVA

More than 2 weeks Rate:
40% + IVA

Deposit Policy:
When we rent our furniture we ask for a deposit that corresponds to the total amount of pieces. We will refund this amount once the products have returned to the store.