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Giorgia Righetti is an interior designer from Italy living in Barcelona since 2009. She founded Les Eines in 2014 in her house in Eixample. When Giorgia started with this project, she was working decorating spaces so could have the opportunity of being constantly in search of beautiful treasures. Small and big furniture, lamps, ceramics and more from the 60’s to the 90’s. Some of these treasure are just perfect some other need to be restored; Les Eines had since the beginning a small workshop in the flat, where the pieces where fixed, painted and personalised.

Giorgia’s living room was her showroom until after two years of learning about restauration, and growing the brand, step by step the project got more real, put its roots and transformed into her main passion. This project needed more space than what the living room could offer, also a bigger workshop and more light for the photos which always play an important role.

Three year ago Les Eines found the perfect place to move and get to be a real showroom and workshop; an open space of exposition of furniture and objects.



We do interior design projects.

We sell new and vintage furniture, we also rent them.

We design and restore furniture.

We do set design.

We rent our space.